About Us

"Kris is awesome! Highly recommended, the crazier and more complex the better."
-Kristin Carlson (thinkallday.com)

My name is Kris Hardy, and I stared Albuquerque Software in late 2015 because I wanted to help solve one of the biggest problems that I've seen in growing companies. I noticed that many businesses get bogged down in just keeping things running, they and their team feel stressed, they become inefficient and unhappy, and they start to lose the spark that makes them great.

What Albuquerque Software does is work with those businesses to analyze their problems, find out what is getting in their way, and develop software and/or hardware that fixes their biggest problems or develop new products as quickly and efficiently as possible. We then support them to help them become even more productive.

The result is that the companies that we work with that were struggling begin to quickly recover. They can spend more time focusing on what makes them great, as we work with them to remove their inefficiencies and roadblocks.

The benefits are that the business owners and managers can decrease wasted time, effort and money, decrease their own workload and stress, and focus on the larger reason for going into business: to make the world a better place and passionately serve their customers. Their teams, likewise, become more efficient, spend less time on mundane, unproductive tasks, and more time doing the meaningful work that they love.

Ultimately, it puts the spark back into their business and team, and helps sets the foundation for their future success.

We are humbled that we've been trusted to work with so many great companies, but we know that our work isn't done. If you have a problem that we might be able to help with, please contact me at kris@abqsoft.com or (505) 720-4939.



Kris Hardy
President and Principal Software & Firmware Architect
Albuquerque Software