Client Spotlight - CartCurator: A new product notification system for artists and art galleries

CartCurator helps artists, art galleries, and other artisinal goods providers maintain contact with their customers and notify them when new items are posted that they will like.

CartCurator is a service that is easily integrated with Magento, Shopify and other e-commerce platforms to allow users to subscribe to notifications about new products based on the criteria that they care about (such as artist, content, media, etc.). It can also, optionally, use machine-learning algorithms to match users to new products based on their purchase history.

Since CartCurator is build especially for companies that sell unique, one-off items, our algorithms are designed to identify when you post new products to your website. CartCurator then notifies the item's potential buyers quickly so that they can buy the item before anyone else, increasing your sales volume and decreasing the amount of time the item is in your inventory.

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