Client Spotlight - Fixing rotated images on Desert Son of Santa Fe

Desert Son of Santa Fe and ThinkAllDay contacted Albuquerque Software to help them resolve a problem with images loading strangely on their website when it is viewed from an iPad.

Some images on Desert Son's website appeared rotated 90° when viewed on an iPad, but they appeared normal on all other mobile and PC platforms. In very short order, we determined that the image EXIF metadata on those images showed that they were taken with a camera that had been rotated, and all browsers do not handle EXIF metadata in the same way. To solve the problem, we then built a quick script that stripped the EXIF metadata from all the images on their server so that it would no longer cause any issues. We were able to handle the full analysis, replication, communication with the client, development, testing and deployment on the same day that they contacted us for help.

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