Client Spotlight - Smart, security-focused Internet-of-Things devices

An Albuquerque, NM-based company has hired Albuquerque Software to develop an internet-enabled product for the smart-home industry, with a security-focus.

Security-focused smart home devices face unique challenges for several reasons. First, these devices must be hardened against both physical and electronic threats in order to keep the home safe. Next, when the device has low-power constraints, such as if it is powered by solar energy, the hardware and firmware must be designed to limit the amount of energy it consumes. This means that these devices are often built using microcontrollers with few resources and limited memory. Because of this, the security considerations must be considered at the start and the crypto libraries and protocols must be chosen and implemented from the beginning with efficiency in mind.

This device is also (optionally) solar powered and requires integrated motor control.

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