Client Spotlight: Keshi: The Zuni Connection

Kris is awesome! Highly recommended, the crazier and more complex the better. -Kristin Carlson (

Keshi: The Zuni Connection [] and ThinkAllDay [] contacted Albuquerque Software to help them migrate from a custom-built PHP e-commerce site to Shopify. Along with the migration, they also needed some additional custom functionality that was not yet available in Shopify to help them manage client contacts and email-based re-engagement campaigns.

With a very short timeline, Albuquerque Software researched the Shopify and Keshi's current databases to prepare for the migration. In the process, several shortcomings of Shopify's API were identified and reported to Shopify's development team. Once we determined that the initial plan was feasible, we worked together with Keshi and ThinkAllDay to build a migration plan, develop the custom software backend required by Keshi, and then build the Shopify plugin to integrate Keshi's Shopify store with the backend systems.

One of the products that resulted from this work is the CartCurator product recommendation service, which is now available for use by other companies world-wide. For more details about CartCurator, please visit []

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